Peter Answers Magic Hat

Peter Answer Hack. Find out How to do Peter Answers.

Trick or Hack to use Peter Answers

What is peter answers?

Peter Answers is nothing but just is prank website. In this article we unblock Peter answers by telling you that Peter doesn't predict anything, it is used by your friends to trick you and fool you.

Tutorial to use Peter Answers

Step 1 Go to
You will see 2 boxes

with two buttons clear and ok.

Step 2: This part is little tricky.

You must know the question before typing anything.
For example, Question is: What is my name? ( and your name is Arun )
in the petition box, you should type like this ( read this carefully ).


In petition box type these

  1. Press . (dot)
  2. Then Type your answer Arun
  3. then again Press . (dot)
  4. then continue typing the question

When you press the period key it will be the clue for the site that now you are typing the answer but in petition box, it will appear like "Peter, please answer the following question."

In question tab type: "What is my name?" and then press "enter" key or click on "Ask"

Answer will come out as: Arun

Happy fooling

Sample questions to start with

English Video Tutorial

Hindi Video Tutorial

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